BiPAP Mask

BiPAP Mask in Amritsar

BiPAP mask is a device that helps to push air into lungs in case of trouble breathing. Using a BiPAP mask increases the oxygen level in blood and helps to breathe out more carbon dioxide. There may be a local skin damage or dry mouth problem while you are using these masks. Our staffs are always there whenever you need any help.

Best Features:

  1. We provide BiPAP MAchine mask that is easier to wear than full face masks. 
  2. It is a type of positive pressure ventilators that helps you to receive positive pressure when you breathe in and breath out. Some device may have heated humidifier attached to it.


  1. BiPAP MAchine mask helps people suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Pneumonia etc. 
  2. It is also used in poor breathing after operations. 
  3. People who do not want to use any breathing tube but need some assistance with breathing can take help of BiPAP masks.

Evox Bipap Full Face Mask

Size/Dimension small,medium and large
Material Silicone
Applicability bipap and cpap
Usage/Application bipap and cpap
Frame/Hub yes
Brand EVOX
Comfortable mask yes

Silicone Bipap Mask

Model Name/Number EVOX BiPAP Mask
Mask Type Adjustable Mask
Material Silicone
Applicability BiPAP and CPAP
Color S, M and Large
Brand EVOX
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