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Reclining Electric Wheelchair in Bhubaneswar

Reclining wheelchairs are seating arrangement rather than complete wheelchairs. We, being the noteworthy reclining wheelchair manufacturer in Bhubaneswar, we provide such power wheelchairs which are compatible with the power seating system. We always try to achieve the ultimate customer satisfaction with our services. We offer warranty both for the frame and the parts of the wheelchair available with us.

Best Features:

  1. Since we are the top most foldable reclining electric wheelchair supplier in Bhubaneswar, we provide a removable headset and moulded armrest for ultimate comfort. 
  2. We also offer puncture proof tyres and push lock breaks for safety. 
  3. We also ensure an optimum height and weight of the chairs that they can be easily folded.
  4. With this fully reclining electric wheelchair, you are able to recline the wheelchair as per your requirements. 
  5. It is also easy to stretch out flat in the wheelchair when you want to rest. 
  6. It does not need any movable back support to fixed position with power tilt wheelchair.
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