Folding Electric Wheelchair

Folding Electric Wheelchair in Guwahati

Because of our number one position as folding electric wheelchair supplier in Guwahati we provide such foldable wheelchairs that are ideal to store and transport. We maintain an optimum size and weight therefore it becomes easy to handle the wheelchairs inside and outside conditions. Since we value for your money, we offer the most reliable mobility aids with the minimum maintenance at a feasible price.

Best Features:

  1. We make electric folding wheelchair with a height-adjustable swivel seat. 
  2. For an effortless use we make sure that the batteries can be removed at the time of charging leaving the chair where it is. 
  3. Along with the non-marking tyres there is a joystick controller to navigate safely


These folding electric wheelchairs are advantageous in several ways. As they are easy to take apart and fold up you can easily store and lift them with minimum effort. These chairs can be transported in most vehicles without any costly vehicle adaptation.

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