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Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

Wheelchairs can make a person feel immobile and increase dependence, but this isn't for long as Lightweight Electric Wheelchair supplier and manufacturer in mohali, we put your life at ultimate ease with a long lasting battery and ample range. They are extremely comfortable and easy to operate and adapt to. So come get a wheelchair of supreme quality from us today.

Light as a feather

We are one of the Lightest Electric Wheelchair suppliers in the country who offer timely supply as per your demand. The quality we provide is also exemplary and has received good results after the periodical testing we have done over and over again to erase all possible defects. It is also easily foldable to make it more convenient to carry.

Portable and compact

The aluminum frames used in the product make it a perfect lightweight portable electric wheelchair, perfect for layman handling along with making it very fast when required and efficient and foldable in nature. Portability is considered very important as most customers require a compact set up to aid in daily and frequent use. The optional attendant controller gives freedom to the user.

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