Oxygen Concentrator 10 LPM

Oxygen Concentrator 10 LPM in Mangalore

As the top notch oxygen concentrator 10 LPM manufacturer in Mangalore we provide oxygen units range from 50 to 60 pounds having the oxygen concentration from 87% to 95%. We offer a quality driven customer service. Therefore, we give warranty of our devices and deliver them without any delay.

Best features:

  1. This is an alternative to liquid system that can supply continuous oxygen up to 10 LPM. 
  2. Being the reliable 10 litres flow oxygen concentrator suppliers in Mangalore, we offer an excellent life cycle cost with specific dimensions and weight of the device.
  3. This 10LPM oxygen concentrator is easy to reach, large, low resistance flow control knob along with power fail and irregular pressure alarm that makes this device use-friendly for the patients. 
  4. It is able to supply 10 litres per minute of continuous oxygen which makes it more useful for the patients with serious breathing conditions.
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